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The           amongst your storm

seek clarity for life and career challenges 


This is your sanctuary

Where we can talk, heal, and take action.



Clara is the side of our business that addresses Career Coaching. Our Coaching packages are designed to alleviate the smallest of worries, to even the big picture. 

Whether you need a hand finding your perfect job, practical advice on the current NZ market or you’re ready to embark on a career makeover with a new direction and purpose, this is for you.

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Unsure if personal coaching is the way to go? Unsure if Clara and Calma is the right fit for what you are wanting? Before committing how about catching up for a virtual coffee to see how I can bridge the gap between where you are at and where you are heading.

We will talk about your current challenges, discuss how to best address it, with which coaching package and if it looks and feels right to you - we can go from there!



Calma is the side of the business that focusses on Mindset Coaching to address those tough life challenges face on! It is where you can take a breath, and unravel, heal, surpass and conquer your past and present struggles.

We can quieten the noise, so you can hear what is essential - and lighten the heavy burden your have been carrying too long.

 Clara and Calma

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Come in … take a seat …

let’s figure this out together.

“It’s your journey. I’m simply here to ask the pertinent questions, offer a fresh perspective, and guide you towards your best self.” 

Feeling frustratingly stuck and unsure what to change? Struggling with how you see yourself, or with people in your life? Lost your ‘oomph’, perspective, or focus? Unsure how to to navigate this thing that is causing you so much stress? Desperate to live from a place of true purpose and authenticity? Maybe its your work? Not loving your job? Or being unsure where you are headed?

With over 15 years of effective career counselling and coaching conversations under my belt, plus qualifications in a wide range of mindset techniques, you’re in the right place. My intuitive, kind-yet-firm approach to personal mentoring will unravel the issues holding you back.

Let’s dive deep, explore your past, and work together to build a solid foundation for your future. I’m not just a shoulder to lean on, I’m your #1 supporter; a positive force who will motivate, push and enable you to elevate your life.

“The mind is like water ...
When its calm, everything becomes clear” 

Prasad Mahes


Life’s challenges help us grow

Trust me; I’m no stranger to facing challenges. I have learned to thrive in the face of them, and I want to inspire and empower you to do the same.

We all have our challenges in life. A few defining experiences for me include living in South America for a year straight after school, walking Spain’s 1000km Camino Trail, surviving an unhealthy toxic relationship, living with food allergies, setting up my own dance school, performing on stage in my 40's, and my most recent challenge of undergoing IVF by myself. 


These experiences have shaped my life, taught me invaluable lessons and are the reason why I am authentic to my journey and path, inspiring and empowering others to not only cope with what they face but to leverage it as a spring board for greater things. 

I am a highly experienced career consultant, with 15 years of having profound and effective Career conversations.  I am also an experienced Practitioner of solution-based mindset and challenge coaching techniques, including Masters in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, The Bodytalk System, and Timeline Therapy.

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What’s in our name?

‘Clara’ - Clear

Reflects the clarity, clear vision of what lies ahead

‘Calma’ - Calm 

The still, calm ocean or the calm sense of knowing

you are on a better path

Ready to write a fresh chapter
in your
life story?

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