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Armed with over 5 years working with Tertiary students at the University of Auckland 

helping discover their career direction, and over 15 years of career conversations with clients mid-career facing large life changing events – this is what I am passionate about!

After working together assisting you with your career decision making process and navigating finding your new career direction, you’ll:​

  • Feel strengthened and empowered to deal with your current career challenge and reach for what you didn't think you could

  • Feel motivated, confident, and secure in knowing the next steps you need to take to move forward with your career path

  • Feel passionate about the part of your life where you spend most of your time. It can and should feel purposeful.

Career Choices

Career  Direction &

Looking at the direction of your Career is applicable to so many different stages in your life.

You may be just starting out at School or University and have no idea where to even start making any big adult decisions yet.  You may be part way through your career and realise that this is not for you, yet what is? Or it may be a case of life has thrown you a curveball like a redundancy or time off with children and your life priorities have changed so your current work doesn’t fit – yet what would?

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All of these situations can leave us feeling stuck, frustrated and feeling like there is no way out.

How do I know?

Well I have faced all of the above, and come out the other side where the sun is shining!….I was lost in terms of my career direction after University, unsure about what I really had to offer in life, made redundant when the Global Financial Crisis hit, have made two different career changes and have been at many forks in my career…unsure about which path to take. Maybe this is why I turned to Career Coaching myself and love both enabling and encouraging others to step out the other side too?!

Relevant Packages

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Maybe you know where you want to end up but ‘getting there’ feels too overwhelming. You’ve considered coaching, but don’t know how it works or what to expect. Maybe you know that you need help and guidance and you just want to get started. You are in the right place. Let’s have a chat! 

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We will look into clarifying and overcoming your specific career challenge in this single session. Fantastic short sharp and powerful way to make an impact on your career obstacle. One career coaching session.

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We will focus on helping you gain clarity, overcome obstacles and define your long-term career goals, direction, or your greater purpose. Eight career sessions across 3 months.

“Shannon Ring has had a significant impact on shaping my career. I felt lost about my potential career prospects and after meeting her numerous times Shannon showcased her expertise and I landed my dream job 2 months before my last semester ended. Shannon provided a framework to critically analyse where I was and where I want to be. She supported me as I needed by providing clarity and encouragement, and in turn giving me the confidence to make the next move in my career.  The best thing about Shannon is she is dedicated and passionate. I can always count on Shannon to provide invaluable support and guidance and I am excited to continue to work with her throughout the span of my professional career.”
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Farya Zaman, Auckland

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