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               and Challenge Coaching

"..... works with your current perspective towards life and its challenges.   
Its about empowering you to see and find your solutions intuitively."


Shannon Ring

Your Life Challenges

Calma Mindset Coaching is designed to help you understand and tackle life’s challenges with more ease.

Calma Coaching is a safe haven to unravel, understand, heal, surpass, and conquer your past and present life challenges. We all want to live with more ease, balance and calm. Here’s an overview of the mindset and life challenges we can help with through Calma Mindset Coaching packages.


What even is Mindset and Challenge Coaching? Why would I need this?

How do I know?

How you experience people, situations and problems in your life are very much determined by how you view the issue at hand.  Your mindset filters what you see, hear and feel and can therefore present real emotional, frustrating and 'negative' situations that do not have apparent solutions to them.  In order to be able to face these challenges we work to navigate what you do have control over in that situation or problem - and that is how you are interpreting it both consciously and subconsciously. 

Creative bespoke solutions are sought with each client to determine the best way to increase the choices beyond what you have already been trying that you are empowered to navigate your challenge and other similar situations in your future.

 you may be facing? 

Life Challenges


Self Care

Want to finally build a healthy relationship with yourself?

  • Issues with self-esteem, confidence and lack of self-love, comparison with others, negativity towards your self and others.

  • Struggling with procrastination and unsure why you can't shift yourself to the next level

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Your People

Need to mend and build healthy relationships?

  • Issues with communicating with others, understanding, or seeing eye to eye with the people in your life.

  • Facing issues with power struggles, imbalances and situations you want to shift.

  • Wanting to better your relationship with partners, parents, family or even work colleagues/bosses.


Your Past

Keen to resolve the issues and traumas from your past?

  • Past situations that have caused you trauma, grief, hurt, and pain, can be balanced so that the grip they have over you, and your current life, is released.

  • Develop the skills needed to move forward with a clean slate so that you can focus on the present and what you want to come into your life next.



Stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, and unsure how to cope with what life’s thrown at you?

  • Having issues and complications when dealing with stress, anxiety, negativity, and hard situations

  • Experiencing anxiety, depression, stress, or grief.



Know what you want but not sure how to achieve it?

  • Wanting to uncover what’s holding you back from achieving your life goals. Whether it’s family life, career, financial, fitness and health, spiritual, or relationships. Pull down the personal barriers holding you back.

  • Indecision is a common issue we all face and it can stop us from taking the next step towards the future we want. Address paralysis around decision-making, goal development, and setting objectives.

Prasad Mahes

Image by Corey Agopian

Calma Coaching is designed to help you make the changes in your life that you want. 

Working hand in hand with so many clients, it is a privilege to witness the changes that each client is so determined to shift in that area of their life.  Seeing their eyes light up and hearing about their results is definitely the best part of my work.

After working with you to achieve the results you are searching for, you'll: 

  • Feel lighter, clearer, calm, focused, and confident of your next steps.
  • Have the ability to figure out what’s holding you back and the courage to achieve what currently seems unachievable. 
  • Have a practical toolkit for working on this, from a range of techniques including Solution Based Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, and Timeline Therapy. 
Life Challengs Info

Relevant Packages

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Maybe you know where you want to end up but ‘getting there’ feels too overwhelming. You’ve considered coaching, but don’t know how it works or what to expect. Maybe you know that you need help and guidance and you just want to get started. You are in the right place. Let’s have a chat! 



Despite it being one session a lot of progress can be made! A powerful two hour session accompanied by your coach, you will ascertain the best tools and techniques to understand and shift your current challenge to the side so you can continue living your best life.


One Calma coaching session.



The emphasis will be looking at one deep and multilayered challenge you are facing that you want to understand, walk through, learn from and change so you can continue moving forward.​

Four Calma coaching sessions across 6 weeks.


This is strictly for the committed individual who’s determined to do the work and gain the rewards of insight and real change.I will keep you accountable to work on your most pressing challenge/s head-on for three months across the various areas in your life that need attention.


Eight Calma Coaching sessions across 3 months,



A high support mentorship designed to help you transform your life into one with direction, purpose, passion, and unlimited freedom. We will work across a wide variety of layers so that you can bust through the challenges that are stopping you from achieving the calm, relaxed, energised and inspired life you deserve.

Twelve Calma Coaching sessions across six months.​



“She was able to hold a safe space to allow for me to be vulnerable and dig deep to unlock the source of several years of grief and buried emotions."


Shannon has a warm, caring and bubbly personality, and her energy for life is truly infectious. ....Her passion for helping people really shines through and I have loved every single session, each time gaining new skills to better my life. By far the best thing I’ve done in years!!


“I am extremely grateful for having had the opportunity to work with Shannon. She is an amazing, kind hearted, beautiful soul inside and out. She is a good listener, able to deconstruct and relay ideas with relatable analogies, softness and empathetic nature. "
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