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Why choose Calma Coaching

Calma Mindset Coaching is designed to help you tackle life's challenges with more ease.

A safe haven to unravel, understand, heal, surpass, and conquer your past and present life challenges. Personal coaching can release you from unwanted burdens and unlock your full potential so you can make the changes that you want in your life. We all want to live with more ease, balance and calm. Here’s an overview of the mindset and life challenges we can help with through Calma Mindset coaching packages.

                                       is a safe space.

So if you are committed to this new growth that you want, you have in me a non-judgmental mentor, a confident and a guide to shine light on new ways for you to lighten your weight on your shoulders.

Mindset and Challenge Coaching is right for you, if you are....

  • Feeling stuck, overwhelmed or anxious?

  • Feeling that it is time to recover from past traumas yet unsure of how to move forward and make the best decision?

  • Feeling frustrated with situations and people in your life?

  • Struggling with your own confidence, self esteem, comparing yourself to others or feel like something is holding you back from being who you want to be? 

Find out more information for yourself below with the differing services at Clara & Calma.

Clara and Calma

Image by Taylor Simpson

After working together, you’ll walk away:

  • Feeling lighter, clearer, calm, focused, and confident of your next steps.
  • With the ability to figure out what’s holding you back and the courage to achieve what currently seems unachievable. 
  • With a practical toolkit for working on this, from a range of techniques including Solution Based Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, and Timeline Therapy. 

Life Challenges


Self Care

Self esteem, Confidence and Self Respect


Stress, anxiety, overwhelm
foot prints on brown sand_edited.jpg


People in your life


Your Past

Healing your past 


What you want in your life


" She was able to hold a safe space to allow me to be vulnerable and dig deep to unlock the source of several years of grief and buried emotions.  Now those anxious thoughts and worries that usually were frightening and troublesome are small manageable speed bumps in the road that are all art of the fabric of life's tapestry"


Anonymous, Auckland


Ready to put in the work for that real change?

Browse my Mindset and Challenge packages or book in for your free virtual coffee chat and let's get started.

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