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Job Hunting - Preparation,                     Support & Guidance

Feeling a little lost, unmotivated, unsure where to start or why what you have been trying is not working – it should be easy right?

Sometimes it is just a case of understanding what employers are looking for and showing them the best version of yourself.

Having worked as a Recruiter in an Agency and Companies  deciphering the top talent, I have a keen eye for being able to see the areas you can polish to make sure that you know where to find the best opportunities, your finalised application gets you in the door and that the interview works in your favour!

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Job hunting topics we can cover with you:

CV & Cover Letter Applications Advice and Coaching – Get your application noticed for the right reasons

Job Search methodology – Leave no stone unturned  

Successful Interview techniques – Stand out from the crowd

Personal Branding – Define what makes you unique and unforgettable

Professional Networking – 25% of roles are found through networking, time to ace it!

Contract & Position negotiation skills – Get the best out of the situation!


After working together assisting you with preparation, support & guidance around looking for work, you’ll:

  • Feel strengthened and empowered to reach and obtain for what you didn't think you could
  • Feel motivated, confident, and secure in knowing the next steps you need to take to secure the work you are seeking
  • Feel passionate about the part of your life where you spend most of your time. It can and should feel purposeful.

Relevant Packages

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Maybe you know where you want to end up but ‘getting there’ feels too overwhelming. You’ve considered coaching, but don’t know how it works or what to expect. You know that you need help and guidance and you just want to get started. You are in the right place. Let’s have a chat! 

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We will look into clarifying and overcoming your specific career challenge in this single session. Fantastic short sharp and powerful way to make an impact on your career obstacle. One career coaching session.



We will focus on helping you gain clarity, overcome obstacles and define your long-term career goals, direction, or your greater purpose. this package is comprised of eight career sessions across 3 months.

"I was struggling so much planning my career and preparing myself for employment while finishing up University until I met with Shannon Ring.  Shannon has helped me to create a personalised plan for my career goals and what we need to work on to get me prepared ie working on my CV, Cover letter, LinkedIn & interviews. She helped me gain confidence by reframing my mindset about the different pathways that I can take to reach my career goals.  By working with Shannon I was able to secure a role after graduation and I am very grateful for that as I felt well prepared going to the interviews.
I highly recommend Shannon as a Career Consultant/Mindset Coach. Thank you so much Shannon"

Yohanes Tesfamichael, Auckland

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